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CityRP Development

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Is In Development!!



CityRP is now officially in development.

The gamemode will be released when all the planned features are completed.

The current features are listed below...

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Overwatch (Artificial Intelligence)

- Vehicle Navigation - AI uses machine learning to determine to how drive along roads to reach a specific location (or player)

- Automated Police Response - When a player gets a high enough wanted level, police AI vehicles will spawn and drive to the player's location


Job Departments

- Citizen - Make money either legally or illegally (owning a shop or pruducing and selling narcotics)

- Police Department - Enforce the laws within the city, stopping narcotic and weapon production aswell as street racers

- Mayor's Office - Determines how to make the best economy for the city by setting taxes for depertments and for stores, the taxed money is used for paychecks



- Gas Station - Sells generic items but it can be robbed when a citizen has a weapon with loaded ammo, spawns money every x seconds infront of NPC

- Weapon Store - Sells various weapons including pistols, SMGs, Assult Rifles and Sniper Rifles

- Ammunition Store - Buy various types of ammunition including Pistol ammo, SMG ammo, Rifle ammo and Sniper ammo

- Electronics Store - Buy various entites that have functionality within the gamemode

- Furniture Store - Buy various props which can be used for base building

- Car Dealer - Buy or sell various vehicles to allow faster movement around the world

- Drug Dealer - Sells various seeds used to produce narcotics

- Garage - Retrieve or return your bought vehicles

- Department NPC - Each deperment has it's own NPC where you can select one of the various jobs available, they can also summon departmental vehicles



- Money is the core principle of this gamemode, the more money you have, the more items you can purchase

- Wallet - Money you have on your person, used to buy items, however you can lose off of you money upon death or if you get robbed

- Bank - Money that is safely stored inside a vault, you can access this money using an ATM

- Salary - You get money added to your bank every few minutes added, this value is dependant on your current job and VIP status



- Check Balance - check how much money you currently have in you bank

- Deposit - Transfer money from your wallet to your bank

- Withdraw - Transfer money from your bank to your wallet



- Default inventory weight of 150 (250 for Ruby VIP)

- Use items by left clicking on the inventory

- Drop items by left clicking on the inventory

- Switch items in your inventory by dragging and dropping the item to another slot

- Pick up items and add them to your inventory by pressing ALT + E (if you are the player who spawned the entity or if the entity is glowing white)



- Red Glow - red players are enemies and you are allowed to kill them on sight

- Orange Glow - orange players see you as a red player, you are not allowed to kill them until they become a red player so you should hide from them

- Blue Glow - NPC'S and ATM'S glow blue so players can identify them easily

- Green Glow - Entities that glow green are entities that have some special value such as dropped money or dropped keys

- White Glow - Entities with a white glow can be picked up by any player and added to their inventory



- Ruby VIP - x5 salary, 150 (+100) inventory weight and access to Ruby VIP weapons and vehicles

- Diamond VIP - x3 salary, 150 (+60) inventory weight and access to Diamond VIP weapons and vehicles

- Gold VIP - x2 salary, 150 (+40) inventory weight and access to Gold VIP weapons and vehicles

- Silver VIP - x1.5 salary, 150 (+20) inventory weight and access to Silver VIP weapons and vehicles

- Bronze VIP - x1.25 salary, 150 (+10) inventory weight and access to Silver VIP weapons and vehicles


Ranks - Director, Head Admin, Senior Admin, Admin, Moderator, Helper, User



- The database stores information about the player such as their money and their inventory

- Database corruption prevention - Custom detector functions that detmine if a database is corrupt, stop database overring data with default values

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Once we get a good base gamemode running we'll create a new Garry's Mod server to run the gamemode on.

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