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Royal Scythe

CityRP Development

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Is In Development!!



CityRP is now officially in development.

The gamemode will be released when all the planned features are completed.

Features (Completed - Under Development - Not Implemented)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

* Jobs (Citizen, Mayor, Police, Dispatch, Chief, SWAT, Combine, Medic, Fire Officer, Road Crew, Secret Service, Rebel)

* Red Glow For Player Who You Can Kill On Sight

* Yellow Glow For Players Who See You As Red

* Blue Glow For NPC

* White Glow For Dropped Items

* Green Glow For Dropped Money

* Job NPC Menu (Find Job, Quit Job, Get Equipment, Spawn Vehicles, Exit)

* Citizen Vehicle Menu

* Vehicle Spawner Entity Which Spawns Vehicles On The Closest Available Area

* Admin Ranks (Director, Head Admin, Senior Admin, Admin, Moderator)

* Admin Commands (Set Rank, Set VIPSet Gender, Set TimeSet Money, Kick, Ban, Mute)

* VIP Ranks (Ruby, Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze)

* Helper Rank

* Realistic Fall Damage

* Global Chat System

* Local Chat System

* Local Voice Chat

* Inventory System (Pickup Items, Drop Items, Use Items, Sort Items, Move Items)

* Money

* ATM Where You Can Deposit And Withdraw Money

* Database To Store Userdata

* Database Corruption Prevention

* Temporary Housing (User Buys A House And Then It Gets Sold When They Disconnect)

* Permanent Housing (User Buys A House For Larger Value But Keeps It Forever Unless They Leave The Server For Over A Week)

* Keys To Unlock And Lock Vehicles / Doors That You Own

* Store NPC Menu (Buy Items, Sell Items)

* Drop Current Weapon / Drop Money

* When a player becomes incapactated, they can be revived by a medic

* After one minute the player can choose to respawn, after five minutes the player will die

* Damaging the player further will decrease the time they have left until they can respawn / die


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Once we get a good base gamemode running we'll create a new Garry's Mod server to run the gamemode on.

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