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Ranks Explained

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The Director runs the website and the servers, they have the final say in all the decisions that take place. They are responsible for appointing the Head Admin, Community Manager and Server Directors.


Head Admin

The Head Admin deals with the administration for the website and the servers. They make the final decision on who can be on the staff team. They also communicate with the Server Directors on how to improve the staff team.


Senior Admin

The Senior Admins are Staff Members which have earned the highest respect on the servers. They have the ability to perform administration tasks which normal Admins cannot such as permanent banning and running game-mode functions.



The Admins are the main staff team for the servers, they are responsible for dealing reports and punishing players who've broken the rules appropriately. They have access to admin commands such as temporary ban, kick.



The Moderators are the support part of the staff team, they focus on dealing with minor reports and chat spammers. They have access to a few admin commands such as mute. If they accept a report they have to ask an Admin to carry out the punishment.



The Helpers are a group of individuals where players can go to ask for help. They require to know a great deal about the rules and how the server works so they can answer any questions players may have. If a player's Moderator application doesn't get accepted, but doesn't get denied then they will become a Helper.

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