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Royal Scythe

Scythe Gaming Has Returned!

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Hello, Synrize here, recently the development of our website / servers has been slow.

This is because Scythe and I have been working on our own seperate projects (My personal one is a standalone movement game)


Last week Scythe had been offered a role as a developer for a new Arma 3 gamemode, as a result of this he has decided to resign from Scythe Studios.

Because of this I have been promoted from Head Admin to Owner of Scythe Gaming, once Scythe returns (in a few years) he will regain ownership.


As the new Owner of Scythe Gaming I have decided give a reboot to our services, the first project I embarked on was to create a new website that feels more professional.

I am also creating a new gamemode for Garry's Mod entitled "EscortRP" where the player takes on the role of a citizen in a distopian future.


Since the new website has only been online for a short while, below is a list of all the upcoming features:

New Website Provider

Secured Data Transmission (SSL / HTTPS)


Steam Integration - Used Later For Server / Website Database Sync

Downloads Section

Chat System - Users Can Communicate Between The Website And The Servers

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