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  • Scythe Gaming is currently in beta
  • Please be patient until we finish the website
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  • News & Announcements

    • Once we get a good base gamemode running we'll create a new Garry's Mod server to run the gamemode on.

    • CityRP

      Is In Development!!



      CityRP is now officially in development.

      The gamemode will be released when all the planned features are completed.

      Features (Completed - Under Development - Not Implemented)

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      * Jobs (Citizen, Mayor, Police, Dispatch, Chief, SWAT, Combine, Medic, Fire Officer, Road Crew, Secret Service, Rebel)

      * Red Glow For Player Who You Can Kill On Sight

      * Yellow Glow For Players Who See You As Red

      * Blue Glow For NPC

      * White Glow For Dropped Items

      * Green Glow For Dropped Money

      * Job NPC Menu (Find Job, Quit Job, Get Equipment, Spawn Vehicles, Exit)

      * Citizen Vehicle Menu

      * Vehicle Spawner Entity Which Spawns Vehicles On The Closest Available Area

      * Admin Ranks (Director, Head Admin, Senior Admin, Admin, Moderator)

      * Admin Commands (Set Rank, Set VIPSet Gender, Set TimeSet Money, Kick, Ban, Mute)

      * VIP Ranks (Ruby, Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze)

      * Helper Rank

      * Realistic Fall Damage

      * Global Chat System

      * Local Chat System

      * Local Voice Chat

      * Inventory System (Pickup Items, Drop Items, Use Items, Sort Items, Move Items)

      * Money

      * ATM Where You Can Deposit And Withdraw Money

      * Database To Store Userdata

      * Database Corruption Prevention

      * Temporary Housing (User Buys A House And Then It Gets Sold When They Disconnect)

      * Permanent Housing (User Buys A House For Larger Value But Keeps It Forever Unless They Leave The Server For Over A Week)

      * Keys To Unlock And Lock Vehicles / Doors That You Own

      * Store NPC Menu (Buy Items, Sell Items)

      * Drop Current Weapon / Drop Money

      * When a player becomes incapactated, they can be revived by a medic

      * After one minute the player can choose to respawn, after five minutes the player will die

      * Damaging the player further will decrease the time they have left until they can respawn / die


    • As we approach our six month anniversary, the staff team have made some changes to the website...

      *Added New Garry's Mod Server (Virtual Realm) IP -

      -> Running "Extended Movement Mod 2" Gamemode

      -> Type !minecraft To Enter Our 2D Exploration GameUntitled.thumb.png.4df34ba4faf9974bb873dbd0209c2749.png

      *Removed Snow (Finally)

      *Removed Server Specific Ranks, (Server Director, Senior Admin, Admin, Moderator) Replaced With Generic Ranks

      *Removed CityRP Membership / Will Be Enabled When CityRP Releases

      *Added Donation Bar On Homepage For Supporting Website / Server

      *Removed Scythe Gaming Header

    • Extended Movement 2

      Is In Development!!





      Extended Movement 2 is an upcoming single player game built in our newest game rendering engine (Ingi Engine 5).

      The game is set in the year 2056 in a dystopian city where the government are corrupt and are on the hunt for the participants of "Project Bleed".

      Project Bleed was an illegally commissioned project to experiment on humans the effects of a newly discovered substance on their body's performance and strength.

      The substance made these test subjects stronger and faster than the average human.

      After the test subjects realised they were going to end up being excecuted at the end of the program due to their instability, they teamed up and broke out of the facility.

      As a result, the project was forced to shut down, and the government has commisioned a kill order for the test subjects still at large.

      With the strength and speed the test subjects contain, they fled to the rooftops of the city in hope of hiding from the government, however the government finally finds the secret base this causes the test subjects to flee the area. YOU are one of these test subjects.

      You must traverse your away across the city and fight the resistance in order for you to escape from the city once and for all, for you own survival.



      Extended Movement 2 will take a VERY long time to complete.

      As a result there will be development builds available for download on the website.

      You will need the Member++ Rank to download these builds.

      Once the game is released you will need Member+ Rank to download the game.



      Below is an inheritance view of the development of the game...

      Basic Game Engine

      Basic Models (Cubes)

      Advanced Models (Buildings Made Up Of Basic Models)

      Immersive World (City Made Of Advanced Models)

      Entities (Models Will Have Collision Detection)

      Player (Custom Entity With Movement Controls)

      Weapons (Can Shoot Enemies)

      Enemies (Custom Entities That Are Hostile)

      Basic Movement (Walk, Run, Jump)

      Advanced Movement (Climb, Roll, Tic Tac, Vault)

      Day / Night Cycle

      Sound System (Sound Emitters, Ambience)


    • Ranks



      The Director runs the website and the servers, they have the final say in all the decisions that take place. They are responsible for appointing the Head Admin, Community Manager and Server Directors.


      Head Admin

      The Head Admin deals with the administration for the website and the servers. They make the final decision on who can be on the staff team. They also communicate with the Server Directors on how to improve the staff team.


      Senior Admin

      The Senior Admins are Staff Members which have earned the highest respect on the servers. They have the ability to perform administration tasks which normal Admins cannot such as permanent banning and running game-mode functions.



      The Admins are the main staff team for the servers, they are responsible for dealing reports and punishing players who've broken the rules appropriately. They have access to admin commands such as temporary ban, kick.



      The Moderators are the support part of the staff team, they focus on dealing with minor reports and chat spammers. They have access to a few admin commands such as mute. If they accept a report they have to ask an Admin to carry out the punishment.



      The Helpers are a group of individuals where players can go to ask for help. They require to know a great deal about the rules and how the server works so they can answer any questions players may have. If a player's Moderator application doesn't get accepted, but doesn't get denied then they will become a Helper.

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